Hello (the remix)

I realized all I’ve done thus far is tell you about my name and about my plan to inspire awesomeness in my life.  That’s hardly a proper introduction.  I’m Kristi(e).  I’m a 26 year old teen librarian, despite the fact that I’m probably too loud to work in a library.  Oh well.

That’s me.  I like Harry Potter.  I also used to have longer hair.

I have super short hair now.  My friends and I apparently like to pose as if we are in a magazine spread for Seventeen about how to throw a fun party in a winter lodge.  It also helps that my other friend, Hale Yeah, is a fantastic roller derby photographer and takes snazzy pictures of us all the time.

Oh yeah!  I play roller derby.  Here is another picture taken by Hale Yeah that proves exactly that:

Chances are very likely that I will talk about roller derby on a somewhat regular basis, as it occupies a lot of my free time (though I do have a blog dedicated to playing roller derby that my roommate Sara and I sporadically contribute to).  No clue how flat track roller derby is played?  Check this out.

My only pet is a four foot steel giraffe named Clarence.  He can’t do very much but sit there, what with his being made of metal and all, but he enjoys typing and wearing silly outfits.  I might mention the three cats I live with, but let me be clear: They. Are. Not. Mine.

This is my boyfriend and I this past New Year’s Eve.  He goes by many names, but he introduces himself as James.  Hello James!

I will leave you with this charming photograph of my friends and I stuffed into the cupboard under my stairs.  Yeah.. that’s right.  My house comes complete with Harry Potter’s bedroom.  You can see my roommate John all the way on the right, giving a thumbs up for having a cupboard party.  All the other people pictured have names too, but I’m going to let you wonder about that.  Perhaps someone up there is named Penelope or Dana or Estelle or Jade or Jennifer.  Maybe two of those names are right and three of them are wrong or the other way around.

I should probably stop typing now.  Goodbye.