This is how I roll

I was born in 1985 which means one thing… on second thought, strike that because  it can mean several things.  It means that I was in elementary school when the Cold War ended and was very confused when pull-down maps that previously said U.S.S.R. switched to Russia and what seemed like a zillion other countries because how the hell do you expect a kid that hasn’t even hit double digits to comprehend such politics (answer: you can’t).  It means that Zach Morris will always have the coolest cell phone on the planet, no matter how smart they get these days.  It also means that I grew up on a healthy diet of the Baby-Sitter’s Club, and while I wished I was Stacey with her sophisticated leggings with hearts on them from NYC, I identified more with Claudia and Mrs. Schafer.  Claudia is more obvious (though I’ll get into that in a bit) but Mrs. Schafer understood my pain.  I have always been the most absent minded person in my various circles so I relate to her plight of losing her glasses only to realize she left them in the butter dish.

I say all this so you know what to expect.  I try to blog.  Really, I do.  But some days I misplace my blog and don’t know where I put it, metaphorically speaking of course.  I forget that I have a blog and that I am a blogging-type person.  I also ramble on with weird tangents about Zach Morris’s cell phone.  HOWEVER! in college I found that I overcame my Mrs.Schaferitis with the help of  lists, agendas and even more lists with tons of bullets and numbers to guide my way.  So that I am able to offer the best crafty lifestyle blog goodness to you, I present you with the Fortress of Awesome Syllabus:

  • DIYs and Tutorials
    I love creating things!  I have four tutorials in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you 🙂
  • Day in the Life
    I love getting a sneak peak into other people’s lives, don’t you?  While these posts will primarily focus on things I’ve done, I will also have some guest posts to give you more fun things to read.  I promise NOT to do one of these posts if the most exciting thing I’ve done in the library is shush some cell phone abusers and will only post the good stuff (like when we play laser tag or become super heroes).
  • Young Adult Books for Adults
    Everyone knows what Twilight is.  The Hunger Games is gaining notoriety thanks to the feature film due out in a few months.  But what about Everybody Sees the Ants?  How about The Forest of Hands and Teeth?  Trust me…you don’t want to miss these!
  • What I Wore
    This is where you’ll see my inner Claudia Kishi thrive!  I tried wearing clothes that match using conventional methods in high school and failed miserably.  I now embrace the fact that my brain doesn’t quite work that way…
  • Monday Night Writes
    Once a month I will try to offer creative inspiration for writers, art journalists and other people just looking for an interesting way to kill timeThe first of these will be next Monday!

Five features seems like a good place for a beginning blog.  I will most likely add more as we go, but I wanted to let you know what to expect from me!  Oh yes… and lots of random posts in between.  I’ve been described as “weird” and “an odd bird indeed” from time to time, so there’s that.

P.s. In case you didn’t click the Claudia Kishi link above, I HIGHLY recommend checking out What Claudia Wore if you were/are a diehard BSC fan.