New Look(s)!

Two of my dearest friends also decided to start blogging this month.  My friend Liz is up and running Color Me Kitsch with amazing tutorials and sassy posts that are out of sight.  Her blog is put together and work. ing. it. My friend Sara is still in the planning stages, but has fantabulous ideas, a great design and mysterious secrets to be unveiled.  And then there’s me.  I just blog and post from a generic wordpress template as I see fit.  Lucky for you… I saw fit to upgrade this week from my sick bed! Whaddya think?  Shiny, ain’t it?  And for those of you at home logging in from you blog reader, here is my new header just for you:

Now this is where the optional s in the post title comes in.  I know this probably won’t pertain to all of you out there, but thanks to Pinterest I found a wonderful inspiration to help me meet my goal of transforming my wardrobe into that of a 1950s housewife that has gone off in the TARDIS, made a pit-stop in 1928 and raided a flapper’s closet before settling down in the 90s (specifically so she could say, “Hey, it’s the 90s!” all the time).  That inspiration is The Glamourous Housewife (though only for a portion of what I’m going for…obviously). This week on her blog she ran a fantastic series about beginning a vintage wardrobe that is most definitely worth checking out:

1. Back to Basics: Vintage Wardrobe 101

2. Back to Basics: Simple Silhouettes

3. Back to Basics: Where to Shop?

4. Back to Basics: Summer Essentials

She kicks it off with a wonderful checklist.  You’d be surprised at how many basics are already in your closet!  Being a librarian it is a requisite that I have a minimum of 23 cardigans, so there was no need to worry in that department. I look forward to finishing the list. Check it out for yourself and happy thrifting!