A delightful weekend

Why hello there! After a weekend of awesomeness, I hesitate to fall back into the daily grind of everyday life.  I guess that’s when I do my best work, finding all the small moments of life that are peppered with awesome to combat the blahs and get another little smile on my face.  One such moment of delight came to me from the blog Miniature Artist Books–something else I found while using Pinterest.  Mini things + books + art = rapture!  Seriously… the only way to bring more joy into that equation is rig the website up so that I can print out bacon to eat as I scroll through all the well done mini books.  Or perhaps it could print a taco.  I like tacos.

What made my weekend so awesome, you ask?  One Friday a month we keep the library open after hours just for teens to come and have a fun time at the library.  This Friday we played hide and seek.  Oh yeah… and laser tag! Here are teens moving at lightning speed during a round of laser tag.  They were so fast I’m pretty sure they learned how to apparate.

Laser tag wizards

I was not to be drained of every last drop of energy by all the fun happenings at the library, though. Saturday was the 2nd official Fort Awesome party I hosted with my roommates John and Sara.  Let’s just say fort parties are fun, but they’re even better when there’s a ball pit in your house.

I have my first tutorial lined up and waiting for people to upload more pictures from the event onto facebook so I can steal them, as I haven’t had a working camera aside from my phone in slightly over a year now.  Le sigh.  But don’t you fret… I will show you how to put together a fort party for grown ups very soon!!

P.s. Sara just started a blog called Little Red Lily.  Check her out and say hello!  Everyone loves comments 🙂