Becky, among other things

My best friend from high school and I were a weird combination, in that she was weird and I’m pretty damn weird so when you got us together we were an onslaught of bizarre.  While I no longer talk to her, some of our inside jokes and odd doings will most likely never leave me.  One the silly things we did was refer to adorable old men as Becky.  Why?  No freaking clue.  Not every old man is a Becky and I can’t quite say what qualifications a person must have before they are considered one, but Becky is Becky is Becky.  Today I found the ultimate Becky blog post and I need to share this with all of you invisible internet people since I can no longer share it with her.

Check out all the Becky action here at Design Mom.

Moving on.

I’ve received a lot of comments both online and in person about the peculiar description of the personal style I am trying to cultivate.  I believe James summed it up best when he told me that it sounds like I plan on being a time-traveling gypsy (to which Sara responded that I’m a style Timelord).   I’ve come one step closer to reaching my goal after a trip to Goodwill yesterday!  Fortunately I read Delightfully Tacky‘s Tips for Thrifting prior to my visit and I found it really helped me out.  I was looking for something specific for my roller derby photo shoot (which is very dumb to do at Goodwill btdubs) and nearly gave up when they didn’t have any green ties.  I remembered what Elizabeth said and branched out my search and walked away with a men’s green polo that I believe will do the trick.  I will post my trading card shot up here once Hale Yeah works his magic so you can see what I’m talking about.  Not only did I find the look for my photoshoot, but I walked away with an art deco inspired crochet back dress for only $2.50!!! It was still drying when I left the house this morning, but I will take a picture of the crochet work soon because it is phenomz. I also picked up a skirt to modify using this amazing P.s. I made this tutorial.

I discovered Delightfully Tacky this month and I love love love her blog!  I knew it was meant to be once I read her post guiding readers on mixing prints.  I live to mix prints, but have never been able to describe how I do it  so I’m glad I have something to point to when people tell me, “I could never pull off the clothes you wear.”  Yes you can and here’s how!  Her guide is more scientific than my approach, but it is very easy to follow.  Granted, I never follow the same print-mixing formula myself.  The summer of 2005 consisted of laying out all of my clean clothes on the floor, throwing them around and then putting together outfits based on which clothes were juxtaposed next to each other (sorry Dad! sorry Jenn! I know you hated the way my room looked that summer).  I scoured facebook and found a shot that perfectly sums up my take on print mixing:

What we have here is a purple dress with a black paisley/lace pattern, a vintage houndstooth print vest, green pea coat and Indian inspired elephant sack purse tied together with a fancy necklace a friend gave me from Paris, blue hair streaks and black 3-D glasses stolen from the movie theater.  That’s just how I roll.