Help! I need somebody…

Last week I discussed the selection of my outfit for my roller derby trading card and said I would share it with you all once Hale Yeah finished taking the pictures and making the card; HOWEVER, he took so many wonderful shots I don’t know which to choose!  Help me?  Below are my top three shots, but I’m not sure which one really screams Voldeloxx.  What do you think?

Shot A, or I was like MORSMORDRE and she was all Aaaahhhh! and I was like yeaaaaahhhh 🙂

Shot B, or Hell yeah that’s a Slytherin Prefect badge…what of it?

Shot C, or brb om nom nom nom snake

There will be another post in the near future of an after-photoshoot-photoshoot I did where I changed most of my clothes and hung around my house as if it were the Slytherin common room circa 1928.  Just go with it for now, you’ll see what I mean soon…  I just have to rescue the pictures from James’s iPhone.

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