And the winner is…

Thank you for all your feedback on my roller derby trading card dilemma friends! There was a strong divide between shots A and C, which was exactly where I was torn. Drats.  After talking to one of the rollergirls that ordered trading cards last year I am pretty sure I can order both.  Phew!  Victory is ours 🙂

I mentioned my after-photo-shoot photo shoot in that last post, where I rearranged some of my outfit to appear as if I were a Slytherin from 1928 and here are the shots:

I added some old timey filters because it seemed appropriate, wouldn’t you agree?  Besides, almost all of the portraits and pictures from the Harry Potter movies make it seem as if photograph potions are stuck in the past anyway.  For those of you that don’t spend your free time researching clothing from the 1920s, I feel it is necessary to break down exactly what makes this 1920s  daywear for a trendy Hogwarts student.  You can’t really make out the crochet detailing of my black dress since the under layer I paired it with is also black, but the detail work is very much inspired by art deco.  The crisp geometric lines and shapes that mark this period began in Paris in the 1920s, so of course a stylish young witch of Hogwarts would be adorned with such patterns.  The dress has a rather high hemline with very fluid movement, which was of course very scandalous for the time.  Additionally, the sweater has a dropped waist which only adds to the flapper vibe.  Lastly, the bob and beaded headband were the bread and butter for muggle flappers, so of course a Slytherin flapper would have a bright green bob to increase the outrage of her professors.

So yeah… I’m a dork.  I’ve known this for a while and feel quite content in that fact.  You love me anyway ❤

Outfit details
Wig — Party City
Headband — New York & Company
Sweater — Macys
Dress — thrifted
Socks — gifted 🙂 [Hot Topic]
Shoes — ??? I’ve had them a while.  I forgot 😦