A Quickie

Here is just a splash of what has been making me happy this week!

Emily of The Black Apple has a room in her house that looks like this:

You could feed an entire army of green eyed monsters with the amount of jealousy this dressing space  ignites in me 🙂

Erickson Beamon at Fashion Week.  I don’t think I need to express my complete and utter SQUEE! over these flapper-inspired jewels and photoshoot.  I wish these dresses were for sale…

Oh my effing gee!

Danielle Kroll‘s amazing typography illustration was inspired by the Gromble’s shoes.  I absolutely love the retro accessories these letters are donning.  How could I not fall in love with her blog on first sight?!

Here’s hoping this week brings just as many moments of delight as last week did!