I <3 NY

I haven’t used scrapblog in a while (mostly because each time I go back they make you pay for more and more things that used to be free ): but I figured if I’m going to make you suffer through my camera phone pictures until I get a working digital camera the least I could do is make them fancy for you!  It’s fun being a tourist, even in places you’ve been a gajillion times.  Fortunately New York makes it so easy to slip into tourist mode.

Musicals are so not my thing, so while digesting a burger and waiting to eat still another burger James and I went to see The Woman in Black.

We started our mini burger tour with our first ever J G Melon burger and I can definitely tell you it won’t be our last.  I haven’t been able to get this burger out of my mind, it was that delectable.  It’s a little place with a large sign out front to guide your way to the best burger ever.  Seriously.   We went to our old haunt Island Burger later on and I couldn’t stop myself from wishing it was the J G Melon burger all over again.  I did like the updated renovations and the bar Island Burger had installed since the last time I was there, but still… J G Melon has stolen my little less than three.

All of the pictures for my outfit came out blurry or distorted, but I had fun posing like a tourist in Time Square, especially when we ran into my nemesis Elmo.  I rather enjoyed the juxtaposition of my patterns, as you can see better in my preview post here.