March Madness

You might notice a few things are a little off around here.  For starters, this post is called March Madness and bracket season is quite done now that it is in fact April.  Additionally, this is no longer the Fortress of Awesome you are familiar with but a similar site with a slightly different name.  A lot has happened in the last month, both in life and in terms of this blog, which brings us to the title of March Madness.  A lot of craziness went on and fortunately most of it was documented.  I started a twitter account for goodness sake, something I swore off forever.  Madness! Here’s a slight sampling of the insanity:

  • I was in a parade with a beauty queen.
  • I received training from not one, but TWO Team USA derby skaters.
  • I started the month nearly quitting derby because I didn’t think I was good enough and ended the month winning the title of MVP of our first bout.
  • I brainstormed and branded this blog in a direction I feel confident in.

Overall, a wonderful, crazy and mad, mad month!  While I won’t be doing a bracket style competition as one would expect from March Madness, I will be recounting the past month in pictures, posts and bulleted lists.  Always with the bulleted lists.

Grounds for Sculpture, March 24th