What’s in my closet?

I’m very excited to do the first post in a new series.  In my time off I did some blog soul searching and came to find that while I would ultimately like to be a craft blogger, I am very limited in my ability to work on art outside of what I wear.  As a result, I’ve cultivated a personal style that is rather unique. In these posts I will highlight specific items in my closet that have meaning or are particularly interesting to look at.

This sweater is from H&M circa early to mid 2000s.  It was one of the first sweater dresses I saw available in a retail shop and I instantly fell in love.  I’ve long been a fan of sweater dresses, hoping to recreate a look from a Barbie dress I inherited from my aunt when I was a little nugget (this dress, by the way, has not come into reality despite the enormous popularity of the sweater dress these days–apparently mustard yellow dresses that come down mid-thigh are a fashion no-no).

What makes this sweater really stand out to me is that it was the first item of clothing I purchased that I felt really matched what I wished to communicate with my personal style.  The detail work is phenomenal and even though I bought it in early college it is still something I love to wear every winter, though it is more of a sweater-sweater at this point.  I thought it would be a good place to start in my closet tour series because of the significant role it has played in helping me think about things I wanted to accomplish with my clothing choices.

One of the many photographer friends in my life, Sean Hale, entered a photo contest depicting the Tori Amos song, “Putting the Damage On” and asked me to be one of the models this past August. Of course I consented and was delighted to work with him, Miss USA-hole and her husband Damien for this amazing image.  Since many people on facebook asked, I will preemptively say that Damien’s ghostly image was not photoshopped. Hale’s photographic genius managed to do that with precision timing and extreme patience for his female models that constantly fidgeted, messing up the shot.  Eventually we stayed still and Hale nailed it! As you can see, I no longer can wear it as a sweater dress when I’m out and about on the street though, but it did help me encapsulate “my impression of my best Angie Dickenson” to do Tori proud.