Instagram for Droid: One Week (or so) Later

Now that I’ve had Instagram for a week and some days I finally realize why iPhone users are beyond pissed that it became available for the Droid platform.  It is the Myspace for hipsters and they didn’t want us “poor folks” to know that.  People that have Instagram on their iPhones that don’t care whatsoever about the social media network opening its doors are most likely not hipsters and therefore my findings don’t necessarily hold any weight with them.

Take these basic outfit pictures I had my library slave the library page Sara take of my rather librarian ensemble yesterday:

When we realized that she didn’t step back far enough to get the entirety of the 2nd shot, I decided to just cropped my head out and focus on the outfit itself rather than waste time taking another shot since other than not fitting the square she did a good job.  Then I recalled seeing this style of Instagram shot on a whole host of blogs before and realized that cropping out your head is the hipster equivalent to the traditional Myspace mirror shot.  If I remember Myspace correctly, the camera is held very close to one’s eye and can thus be captured in the mirror and any self-respecting hipster would rather not have a head than showcase evidence of being Myspace-esque.

Furthermore, as seen below, I was able to take random pictures of outside the library look like I took the pictures in the 1970s thanks to my handy dandy host of filters (and no one loves the 1970s more than hipsters. No one):

You’ll notice I went back in Photoshop and added a funky font in white.  In my anthropological studies of hipsters I found that white text over images is key.  If I really wanted to go all out I would make the white font Helvetica, but I don’t have that on this computer so you’ll have to forgive me.

Don’t get me wrong! I love having Instagram! If it makes me a hipster, I am okay with this fact if only for the ease of making my crappy camera phone pictures look as if I purposely made them look crappy. And truth be told, I saw a few articles about people looking to jump ship now that Facebook bought Instagram so the hipsters might be moving on to a different app by the time I really get into the swing of things.

Let’s get serious here people. Look at how easy it is to capture images of me torturing my roller derby teammates! Behold the torture:

It allowed me to document the delightful faces my sister makes and the backlog of work my library slave the library page Sara caused by calling out sick. Both mundane things that are now cool because they have fancy black borders:

I was able to show off Beauty Queens in balls and a beauty queen with balls:

And fun just looks more fun when you add borders and filters.  Duh.

For those of you that wish to follow me on Instagram for more photo fun, my name is yeoldefort 🙂

P.s. In searching for the articles I read a few days ago to cite my sources I stumbled upon this tweet where an iphone user pretty much proves my Myspace for hipsters theory (or at least the point that they would rather cut off their heads than show you their camera phone). Huzzah!

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