Spring! Exciting!

The weather was too amazing today to not wear a lovely spring outfit and frolic in the garden path behind the library.  Just as I was pondering how I would go about photographing my outfit, my friend* Nadine wandered into the staff room making my idea a reality.  Yay!

We begin our frolic with an awkward curtsy to the magical frog reading a book statue.

It gets a little racy at this point.  The cardigan has come off people! I repeat, the cardigan has come off.

Oh hello there.  I didn’t see you over all this fun I’m having cavorting with trees.

A pose in which I showcase an undying devotion to ferns and their fronds.

There are a lot of shadows, but this is a good shot of the fronds.  Merriment was had by all, especially the fronds.  Less so Nadine.

*You might ask why Sara is my library slave when Nadine gets to be called my friend, despite the fact that they are both library pages.  Well.  There is no simple answer to this other than the fact that Sara is my library slave AND my friend, but it is far more enjoyable to refer to her only as my LS.  Things get out of hand otherwise.  So there you have it.  My outfit on this fine spring day.  Yay clothing! Yay spring! PUNCTUATION!

Dress H&M
Cardigan H&M
Necklace Forever 21
Earrings Forever 21
Headband Some sort of dollar store near the shore
Shoes Kenneth Cole Reaction