Weekend Roundup

I had insane insomnia this weekend and actually managed to play catch-up with blog reading! It felt glorious and I didn’t even care that I was doing this at 5:30 AM after playing in a roller derby bout (i.e., physically and emotionally draining myself of energy before partying it all out at the after party). One of the things I found was Blue Collar Catwalk‘s #31bloggingdays Google Calendar filled with inspiring blog ideas. Not only does Kyla give great suggestions, but she emphasized that the most important rule was to make it as simple or difficult as we wanted to and not to stress out about it.  I am such a silly fool and cause unnecessary anxiety over little things for absolutely no reason so I really appreciated that!

I decided to combine yesterday and today’s challenges and create a new series of “What I did this weekend.”  I often find that I have five million ideas for blogging and before I know it, the week is about to start all over again! At least this way you guys can keep up with what is keeping me from you.

  1. As I mentioned, my team the Jerzey Derby Brigade had a bout this weekend against the New Jersey Hellrazors.  This bout was incredibly intense–especially in the last portion of the second half.  We only lost by a hair during overtime!  It was so incredible to be a part of that I do not even care that we lost.
  2. The heat of summer is finally upon us in full force! James wrestled with the storm window and finally pried it off.  It wasn’t a very large moment of my weekend, but it made me smile to think of all the summer fun heading my way.
  3. I love delia*s.  I was mocked in high school by my frenemies for shopping there all the time, and that was when it was age appropriate.  I think this weekend I might finally be getting over it.  I try not to talk poorly about people or businesses if I can avoid it, but I never received notification they weren’t shipping half of the things I ordered and still have not been refunded the money to my Paypal.  If you do find yourself needing to satisfy your delia*s fix, aim to do it in store!
  4. Look at all this glorious stuff I found on curb pick-up day! These vintage trunks were being hauled out just as I drove by.  I can’t wait to scrub them down and put all my junk in them.  And the snazzy bookcase I found a minute after I was back on the road ain’t so bad, either!

So there you have it! My weekend and a new series.  Hope you had a great weekend, too!