What’s in my Closet? Flapper Style

It’s that time again!

This episode of What’s in my Closet? is brought to you by the awesome sewing capabilities of Sara over at Little Red Lily.  She is truly phenomenal at taking the cool ideas I see in my mind and breathing life into them.  This skirt is the finest translation to date!

One of the hardest parts about cultivating personal style that I can only call “1950’s housewife that runs off with The Doctor and raids a flapper’s wardrobe trunk circa 1929 before finally settling in the 1990s so she can spout, ‘Hey, it’s the nineties!’ all the time” style is that flapper clothing is very hard to come by.  Fascinators, crochet tights and long beaded necklaces are easy, provided you know where to look, but sequin skirts? Beaded tops?  I don’t think so! Sara crafted this gem for the Morristown St. Patty’s Parade and it was everything I dreamed it would be and more!

Here’s a shot Hale Yeah took during the parade.  In this shot we have Bruta Lee, Doom Hilda, Neon Kitty (no that’s not her real derby name, but it soo is) and Mean Dean and of course moi…Voldeloxx.  Thanks to you lot I figured out my trading card and I had a little sequin bag that you can see on my hip acting as a trading card holster.  I gave out so many cards at that parade I don’t have any more left! Oh well.

And here for your viewing pleasure is the obligatory “Oh snap there’s a mime on the side of the road…I guess I better get trapped in a box with him” shot for you courtesy of Doom Hilda’s iPhone!

Outfit details:

Skirt :: custom made by Little Red Lily
Jersey :: earned with blood and sweat on the derby flat track
Skate gear :: Five Stride Skate Shop
Headband :: New York & Co.