Apparently I can rest now

Life has been so crazy in the last two weeks I haven’t even had the time to put up a simple Instagram Update to let everyone know I’m still alive!  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I’ve become so addicted to reading in my free time that the small sliver of time I had was allotted to reading.  As a teen librarian I felt it was my civic duty to let the reading bug consume me fully, since I haven’t been this into reading since I was in library school (of which I graduated in 2009).  I hope you don’t mind!

Anyway, here is a sneak peak at all the things taking up my time the past two weeks:

Roller derby, as always! Here I am driving to an event after practice (sans skates!).

Friday night marks the beginning of a lot more free time.  For two weeks I have been planning an epic Willy Wonka lock-in at my library and now that it is over all of that time I spent watching the movies, reading the book and sketching out ideas can go back into the blog! Phew.

James and I went into New Hope to meet up with my best friend Carey.  Here’s a shot of some of the beautiful clothes they have at Love Saves the Day.  I managed to snag a flapperesque beaded purse for only $14! It was from the 70s, but still quite exquisite.

I heart New Hope.  James hates theater.  Either way, this made for a lovely shot.

The shadows prevented us from getting a full outfit shot, but I captured the essence of my New Hope outfit for you!

Candy shops in New Hope are somehow just more magical.  Maybe it’s because of the Candyland boobs.  Maybe.

After spending the day looking at clothes and hanging with my bestie, James finally found his place in New Hope.

The day after New Hope, Sara and I had our friend Danielle over for a lovely Library Lady Tea Party.  I’m going to do a post of that shortly, but here is a snapshot of Clarence preparing for the event in his three bowties.  As one of Danielle’s elementary school students points out, a giraffe can only be considered properly fancy if he is wearing not one, not two, but THREE bowties.  Now we know.

So that’s what I’ve been up to folks!  I hope to channel some of that Willy Wonka free time I have now into the blog next week!  I was hoping to at least get a blog post out of how much effort I spent making that lock-in successful, but the teens attacked the candy and turned the meeting room into a chocolate war zone within five minutes so that idea went out the door.  ::shrug::