Mini + Trees = Yes please!

While I normally abhor gratuitous posts just for the sake of posting things because the blogger in question has let life take center stage instead of letting the most important pastime ever  (i.e., blogging) call the shots, but guess what folks?  I’m doing it anyway! Behold two of my favorite things: mini things and trees combined to make a little love child I like to call Mini Trees!!!! (but everyone else calls bonsai).  The first picture is a little bonus since it actually contains my most favorite person to boot.  Woah now.  Watch out.  For your viewing delight I have captioned all the pictures you see here today with figure numbers as if this is a biology textbook because why the hell not.  These shots were all taken at the Great Swamp Bonsai show at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown–one of my favorite places ever.

Fig. 1
Miniature plants showcased with James’s face.

Fig 2.
A half-dead Yew bonsai.

Occasionally portions of the Mini Tree!!!! die.  Rather than toss years of hard work, the death becomes incorporated into the design to make it look more bad-ass.  I approve.

Fig. 3
Cascading bonsai and friends.

Fig. 4
I don’t really know what’s going on here, but I like it.

Fig. 5
Juan is working his magic.  Oh Juan.   The Mini Tree!!!! he is working on right now is owned by a delightful woman whose name I never caught that apparently spent a month debating how to best contort the tree branches.  Juan spent five minutes eyeballing it and applied his magical genius.  Good show, old friend*… good show.

*I say old friend as if I have actually met Juan, but that is not the case.  June 4th was the first day I ever laid eyes on him, but that is of no bother to me.