Library Fashion

Oh hello there.  Delightful of you to join me as we take a peak at what I wore earlier this week forever ago (I know this because I attempted to post this in May and it is now June, plus I’ve had a haircut since then).

Here I am on the bench outside the library pretending to be a statue while highlighting how well my belt matches my duster.  This sweater came from the Circle Outlet Center, the only place to go when I was in high school.  Not because it was the height of fashion, but because it was the. only. place. to. go.  But I digress.  This duster cardigan was purchased at a store known as Capers, which was later called Rue 21 before it was ultimately taken out by the end of my high school career.  I haven’t actually heard of this store still being in existence, but a cursory googling shows me that it still exists! Look at that!

Here I am being a creeper weirdo attempting to be a creeper.

Showcasing the gams and the arboreal surgery I recently had done.  Notice how the tree cascades from my spine with such suppleness and grace.

Can you tell me what time it is?  Oh. You mean you can’t tell what time it is if you’re standing ON the sun dial and that you actually have to step back a bit to read the shadows.  Screw that.  Too complicated.  ::checks cell phone::

This is Nadine.  She takes pictures of me and says things like “have soft hands” and I look at her like she is a crazy person because I am clearly trying to have my outfit documented and she wants me to apply lotion.  Teenagers.   Nadine’s personal style is quite unique and enjoyable.  Here she is showing off her snazzy flower headband.  I am pretty sure she is showcasing “hard hands” here because they are tucked away.  Perhaps that is referred to as “invisible hands.”

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a black dress.  It is a black top from Marshall’s and a black skirt I received in a clothing swap.  Since I apparently don’t care to use my typical list format for today’s outfit details I might as well tell you in a sentence such as this one that my necklace is from Liz Claiborne circa 2007 and my earrings are from a craft fair made by wonderful crafters that I’m sorry to say I have no recollection of (though these are a close approximation).