Summer Reading: Weeks 1 & 2

Rather than abandon you all for the next two months as I put together the teen summer reading program at the library (and the subsequent mind-numbing television required upon arriving home in order to be a functioning human being the next day at work), I thought I’d let you in on some of the fun.  The theme for the 2012 summer program at libraries nationwide is Own the Night which was a really exciting theme to play around with.

This is what I wish the Own the Night summer reading theme translated into. No such luck as I am without a hammock at home.


This week was fairly easy as we discussed the summer program logistics on Monday (I’ll spare you) and did some art journaling yesterday…in discarded library books.

Sadly the pinner I repinned this from did not give proper credit to the above art journal, but here’s my pin of it.  I have a lot of journal and doodle pins if you would like to browse about for creative inspiration.  Below I’m going to list some of my favorite images from the board.

This one is great because of how well it fits the summer theme!

I love the creative use of extra scraps.  I hate throwing away chunks of pretty paper!

We didn’t bust out the acrylic paint last night, but I love the coloring and the way it fits with the night theme.

Catch the rest of the 440+ Journaling and Doodle pins I collected over here.


One of the teens suggested we make pet rocks.  Since not everyone is into that idea, I’m allowing them to design their stones however they want.  Here are some examples I found on pinterest:

The other activity we are doing next week is cosmic cut-up shirts.  I am really excited about this one! Here is the pinned that inspired me:

So that’s it for now! I’ll try to keep you posted with other Own the Night themed pins in the future!

Please note: I do have quite a backlog of pictures from fun events and outfits and they will find their way on here throughout the summer as I have spare moments.  Ask any youth services librarian how hectic their summer can get… I promise it isn’t just me!  So when I finally post my Fort Summer pictures (event date 6/16) or ECDX (event date (6/22) and there’s falling autumn leaves and my hair is a different color… don’t be alarmed 🙂