Time Gypsy Style Manifesto

James is moving in with me (and my roommate John) at the end of the summer and I couldn’t be happier! My roommate Sara of Little Red Lily is embarking on a new adventure in North Carolina so James and I are taking over the biggest bedroom in Fort Awesome (yay!).  Despite being twice the size of my current room, there is no way both mine and James’s wardrobes will survive this merger without some substantial downsizing.

Since I love all of my clothing, I’ve decided to look at my closet with more analytical eyes so that I may surgically remove items that no longer fit my style goals.  I present you with my personal style manifesto!  It is now the first page of the fashion section of my blog binder.  I came up with the concept back in January, but having something tangible in my binder helps reinforce my personal style.

Here is the same photo again, cropped with a focus on the manifesto itself.

I have many articles of clothing that do not fit the “Time Gypsy”* personal style I am trying to cultivate, and while not all will be lost during this transition from a single bedroom to a double, most will have to go so my love can have space for his work clothes.

If you wish to create your own personal style manifesto, ruminate on what you are trying to present to the world.  Some days my outfits don’t necessarily match what is said above, but the majority of my clothes fit the description so I don’t have to try that hard to put my look together.  I often get compliments on outfits that took me five minutes to create because of the material I have on hand.

It is most helpful to have a physical manifesto to think back to when I am buying new clothing.  If it is too drastically different from the wardrobe I am building, why bother?  I already have piles and piles of clothing, so it isn’t as if I need a new top or skirt.  Anything to keep my money in my wallet, right?