Vacation from Summer

Hello internet types! I am finally relaxing after a hectic summer.  Between summer reading and a slew of custom fascinator orders (more on those later–and by later, just so we are clear, I mean in a further blog post that is not happening today) I am rather tired of all the summer activity I’ve been up to lately.  This past week alone saw me working 63 hours if you include the time spent out of the house commuting and all the freelance work.  Summer reading is finally behind me, what with the second annual teen overnight lock-in over and done.  I am a bit sad that the intensity of programs at my library is going to die down, but I’m glad for the rest.  

Speaking of rest, I am spending the better part of this week at my cousin Lisa’s house on the lake.  She is having a far more adventurous vacation than I right now, as she is RVing it up to Maine and New Hampshire for two weeks with her adorable baby boy and significant other.  While that sounds fun, I am perfectly content to spend my time on her deck reading and sketching up some business plans for Ye Olde Fortress.  Here is the view that is serving as my only companion…it’s okay to be a bit jealous: 


This is the view from Lisa’s front porch.  


This is the view from the dock in front of Lisa’s porch.


This is the view of Lisa’s dock that we previously experienced a lake view from only one picture prior.