Library Ladies Vintage Tea Party

Librarians love tea.  Love it.

Seriously.  This is porn for a librarian.

Take care to create invitations befitting a Library Ladies tea party so that your guests will know to get dressed up in their librarian best.

Hello Sara.  Pretty dress!

Why Danielle, you look as stunning as ever while you run from a “rood graffi” trying to take over your librarianship duties.  James is unfazed.

I’m telling you, librarians love tea.  I can’t even be bothered to stop drinking tea in order to have my photograph taken.

Invitations are nothing if you do not then create the right ambiance.  For the vintage-library-that-popped-up-in-a-meadow-with-ample-packets-of-tea effect I stacked some trunks to prop the food and placed books, tea of all kinds, a miniature armchair, an ampersand, a red phone box tin and a tea cup on a dilapidated bookshelf.  It’s not necessary to turn a completely useful bookcase into a dilapidated slob of a bookcase, mind you.  I just had one on hand because that’s the sort of house Fort Awesome is.  That the ground was completely uneven did nothing to help the stability of the bookcase.

Dinosaur finger BLTs add a touch of history, really making this a historical occasion. Samosas and spanakopita incorporate the letter S into your meal.

For sweets, you can always pull out the old school desk you have in your murder room basement* with kittens painted along the top. Or a normal table with a tablecloth over it.  Whatevs.  Pictured here are English Royalty chocolate chip scones cut in the shape of stars and Oreo truffles.

And there you have it! A Library Ladies tea party that even a non-librarian can reproduce if they love tea and  temporarily become a hoarder of vintage library/educational items.

*More on that later.