Autumnal Changes

I absolutely hate it when people apologize profusely for not blogging because I get that life happens and I would rather see my favorite bloggers just catch me up  to speed instead.  That said, I feel like I’m supposed to then turn around and apologize for not posting.  Silly me.

I have some big changes going on in my life!  I wouldn’t be leaving you high and dry if I didn’t, I swear!  Sara of Little Red Lily moved out at the end of the summer and my boyfriend James moved in.  I’m sad for such a dear friend to go, but I’m really excited about the new possibilities that come from living with my partner.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t gotten to experience this too much since we decided it would be fun to have a relay race of vacations–not really, but that’s how it seems!  While he was moving in, I spent a week at my cousin Lisa’s lake house getting my ideas in order for a new accessory line.  After I was home for only a handful of days, James went abroad with our friend Karen to embrace the Mediterranean by exploring Athens, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey.  Fast forward a few weeks  and you’ll find me in a hotel room in Atlantic City being completely underwhelmed by the lack of anything to do, but severely enjoying my time catching up with an old friend I haven’t seen since she moved away to North Dakota.  All in all, I thought I’d see more of James so I can devote more of my free time to blogging.  Sadly, that is not so.  Is it weird to constantly miss someone that lives in the same bedroom as you?  Because I feel like I see James so little that I miss him all the time!

This is the result of a six-hour millinery course devoted to making fascinators.  I came to the course a bit disadvantaged because my hand-sewing is quite rubbish.  I’m glad for the experience, though, because it will open more possibilities for my new accessory line!  I didn’t realize just how sloppy my stitches are, though, so time I had previously allocated to blogging is now dedicated to practicing basic stitches.  I also have a felt hat making course coming up in a few weekends that I’m excited for, even though it means more homework.   I can’t wait to take the images that have been kicking around my brain for a few months now and turn them into corporeal reality so you can see for yourself!

While I’m rather fond of how beautiful the Atlantic looks when the drizzly sky and the sea are nearly the same wonderful shade of gray, I’m not spending my entire vacation in AC!  I’m hitting up NY Comic Con this weekend and plan to completely nerd out all over the place.  Before the fun starts, I’m going into the city to troll the garment district and get some millinery supplies so I can practice and finally put my ideas in motion! And you were wondering what all this chat about vacations and millinery had to do with one another…