Modcloth’s done it again!

Did you know that Modcloth organized their lovely clothing into different time periods?! I must say it makes it much easier to eye-stalk browse my favorite designs online now that they are all grouped together.   It’s also a great way to get exposed to things you might not otherwise known you were in love with.  Like this head band:

How adorable is this model with her spiky pixie cut and sparkly flapper-inspired headpiece?  Very–in case you are the sort of person that likes concrete answers to rhetorical questions.  I probably would have never seen this since I don’t go to their accessories page very often.

You can browse each of the different time periods here:

The Roaring Twenties

Mid-Century Fashion

Super Seventies

Awesome Eighties

Fine Nineties

And for those of you that already knew this or have not had your mind completely blown and restructured as a result of this development, don’t fret! Tonight is my “free night” (aka the only night of the week I get home before 10 PM) so I am going to work on a lot of the 12 Projects of Christmas to post in the coming days!