12 Projects: Glitter Pom Pom Drink Stirrer

It’s about damn time I did a tutorial–I’ve only been tossing the idea out since last January.  Nbd.  For the 12 Projects of Christmas I decided to split the projects into party planning and paper crafting–some of my favorite things.

Here is a very simple tutorial on giving your holiday party an extra burst of glitz and glam!  Not having a holiday party?  No worries, it makes stirring hot chocolate packets into warm milk into a festive occasion!


This one is pretty basic and the only thing I had to buy were the glitter pom poms.  I don’t tend to keep pom poms on hand due to horrible Girl Scout memories that involve glue all over the place and 8 year old me staring intently at the godforsaken poms and asking what unearthly materials they are made of that make them impossible to glue.  FORTUNATELY, this is one fuzzy pom pom project that does not include glue.  You’re welcome.



The first step is pretty straight forward.  You will need bamboo kebab skewers.  It is preferable to use skewers that have one pointy end and one flat end.  I imagine this is how they sell all skewers, but I don’t make generalizations like that so please do yourself and this project a favor and use the skewers described.  You will also need glitter poms! I got mine from the dollar store.  The Dollar Zone is where I went for pretty much all supplies for these party planning projects because I am le cheap.  You also need scissors–preferably ones that you aren’t too attached to since the bamboo gets a bit temperamental.  These are James’s “work scissors” so they worked.  HAHA.  Ok … I’ll stop. step2

You are then going to shove the little pom onto the skewer.  I recommend using the pointy end.  Moving on.


Push the pom down a bit further down than you would like the drink stirrer to end so that you can cut off the bamboo.  Carefully hold the portion of the skewer you would like to be the drink stirrer, as I found the piece of bamboo NOT being held onto fancied flying across the room.  Hopefully you are more graceful than I am, so you won’t have to worry about projectiles but please prepare yourself for the bits of wood that might abandon you for the air.  Just in case.

step4Push the pom to the top of the stick so that the bamboo is predominantly still inside of the pom, but not sticking out of the top.  You should be able to hold the glitter pom as you stir the drink and expect for it to not fall off because you have that much of the skewer inside the pom.

And there you have it! It’s an easy peasy way to kick your parties up a notch with little to no effort.  Don’t forget to check out Sara’s 12 Projects of Christmas over at Little Red Lily!