Secret Garden House


I have been taking plenty of outfit pictures, even if I haven’t been blogging them. I figured I might want to upload some of these before the changing nature of trees gives me away! I believe these were taken the last week of August.


This building was a very lucky find on my part. And by lucky find, I mean the house the realtor showed us back in 2011 happens to be across the street. This building has always felt so magical to me, which is silly because it is just an old building falling apart. Fun fact: I stepped on a plank of wood with a nail popping out of it just moments before these pictures were taken. I had to fight my way through pricker bushes and overgrown weeds to get there that I didn’t want to do it again. I spent no more than 10 minutes taking pictures before I high-tailed it out of there. There are two lessons to be learned here kids… The first is that roller derby really gives one an impressive ability to ignore pain for small bursts of time to get the job done. The other, more important lesson is that condemned buildings are probably condemned for a reason. /shrug