I don’t know about you, but I find one of the easiest things to do is get lost in tunnel vision.  Lately, lots of trying situations of varying difficulty have been toying with me to test the strength of my character.  I’ve hit my breaking point a million times over in the past six months and despite this, annoyances like getting rear ended or being issued a rental car that started smoking after a few weeks continue to occur.  The nerve! When I’m lost in the tunnel vision it doesn’t seem to matter much that I probably received more money for my 2003 Camry from the trucker’s insurance company than I would have if I attempted to sell it on my own or the fact that I’m safe and not terribly injured considering it was a mack truck that invited itself into my little sedan’s trunk.  My mind stays locked and it is a constant battle to see the silver lining.  Don’t worry friends, I fight the good fight and continue to do so with the aid of amazing people reminding me not only to fight, but why the fight is important.


Sometimes all it takes is the simple act of reminding yourself that even if there are nasty library patrons that come in every day, there are a handful of great ones and the vast majority are at least marginally pleasant.  Even more, 100% of the people we interact with everyday are just that– people.  It’s hard to keep focus away from the few that cause my blood to boil, but it is definitely worth the effort because their struggles become just that when you do–their struggle.  The nasty woman that started a personal vendetta against me for shushing her friend in 2011? She is clearly unhappy and chooses to arm herself with vicious words and derisive snickers.  There is no need for me to join her struggle and become unhappy because she is baiting me to join her.  Life is too short and there are too many parts about my job that are great.  I just met two fantastic patrons in the past hour and one of my long-time favorites stopped by to see what I was wearing today and to chat about her granddaughter.  While I’m sure not many librarians read this, we all have people like this in our lives and it is important to keep other people (and their problems) in perspective.


I took these pictures doing one of my favorite work tasks, reading for the Mock Printz Committee.  The first picture makes the tree appear as if it is just starting to change, implying that there is still so much work for these leaves to blossom into their full autumnal glory.  I saw that same tree again during my lunch break and noticed that from a distance it seemed to frosted in amber and light orange.  Whether that is true or if it is merely rather close to other trees further along the process, the shift in perspective has to be noted.  Especially once you get up close and personal, like the third picture, and see how much green is left.  It’s hard to say what is going on in any one moment because once you change the angle you view the situation from it becomes a different situation entirely.

P.s. Since I’ve included the book in the first two pictures, I figured I’d throw in the cover for a shift in perspective.  I plan on doing a write-up on Monday about some of the books I’ve been reading for the Mock Printz Committee so look for that!