Owl Post: Various Bedroom Pins

1012516_56556940Sunday is by far my favorite day.  I prefer Sundays with no pre-existing plans, or at the very least, plans I made that weekend.  An ideal Sunday involves a good workout, a filling meal, good friends, and intense levels of relaxation.  To celebrate my favorite day of the week, I’m going to do my best to provide you with my favorite things I’ve found on the Internet during the week before.  As there are no posts on Sundays, these blog posts are clearly brought to you by an owl.

Lately I’ve been a bit anxious about my living situation and the most frequent way I’ve been dealing with that stress is to escape to Pinterest in hopes of collecting all the resources I need so I can quickly begin nesting once I move into my room in two weeks. Today’s Owl Post comes directly from my Small Space Living Pinterest board.  The title of the board is a bit misleading, as I’m actually moving into a rather large bedroom.  That said, I’m treating it as a bit of a studio and hoping to get a seating area, office/craft space, and bedroom in the same area.


As I posted on Friday, I just scored a supremely awesome deal on a vintage vanity.  It requires some elbow grease and a new coat of paint, but I am in love with it.  Once the hard part is done, I get to to to town creating an interplay between my decor pieces and my jewelry, lotions, and the like.  I really enjoy the way Kaylah of The Dainty Squid mixes her collections into her vanity.  It’s so well done.  Clearly I had to pin that immediately.

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Lounge Area

This crate tutorial is extraordinarily simple, but the end result is stunning.  I have tons of throw pillows and blankets, and even when they are spilling out of this crate, they still don’t look that messy.  Well done Home Depot blog, well done.

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Peg Board

Lately I’ve been into glamorous peg boards and my pins have definitely reflected this current obsession. My absolute favorite was featured on The Glitter Guide during a home tour of Preston and Olivia’s designer Dara Kent-Cobb. Her hats are lovely, but I’m beyond smitten with her mood board. Did you see all these vases incorporated throughout? I can’t.


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