You’re not my Supervisor


Current hair.  Subject to change.

Without launching into a laborious recap of the past two years since I last blogged, I’ll give you the TLDR version. I’ve moved, then moved again (yes I realize the last post I had talked about how I just moved…these are two moves since. Get with the program). I finally feel like I’m in a space where things with work are clicking into place and I have an exciting new project on the horizon. I have a few thousand words of my manuscript written (which, in the grand scheme of an entire novel isn’t much, but that’s another post). For the first time since 2014 I have organized art supplies that are easy to access and therefore invite crafting when I have a slice of elusive free time in a cozy apartment I love with a fantastic human being. All in all, life is good. But I’m not allowed to blog.


My roommate Liz is a badass artist. Also morbid.

My roommate and I are attempting to keep one another accountable for our respective art projects.  She is working on badass line-work like the above featured skull drawing and I am carving out time each week to work on my manuscript. I’m also starting up a YouTube channel at work for deep cuts on that YA wall that rarely circulate but should. This is obviously in addition to not-at-all time consuming commitment that is roller derby (just kidding…roller derby is a time-suck) and yoga so that I can get better at roller derby. So you see now why my roommate Liz felt it best that I don’t start blogging again just yet. Well you know what? In the wise words of Carol/Cheryl/Cherlene Tunt from Archer, she’s not my supervisor!!!


Secret blogger in disguise.

I am going to secret blog until such time I feel it is appropriate to share with her. I will post updates on my various endeavors so that I’m holding myself accountable for these goals in part because I’m very excited about these projects and in part because don’t tell me what to do. I’ll blog if I feel like it. Not only that, but I will be even *more* productive because of the blogging. Suck on that.


GS-Shark makes the best prom date.

Goals for this week:

  • Write one scene for my manuscript.
  • Make a flowery monogram for my friends’ wedding this weekend.
  • Read another book for my YouTube channel.

Seemed appropriate to add. Go with it.