Going Green

About two weeks ago I dyed my hair green!  Like… green green! Here it is from the back: And the side: Lastly, the front: It’s a bit faded now, but it blends into… Continue reading

Library Ladies Vintage Tea Party

Librarians love tea.  Love it. Seriously.  This is porn for a librarian. Take care to create invitations befitting a Library Ladies tea party so that your guests will know to get dressed up… Continue reading

Poetry Friday

I’ve been working on a bunch of offline tasks (namely rearranging my house since I switched rooms, working on a business plan, reading for a Mock Printz committee at work and getting back… Continue reading

Vacation from Summer

Hello internet types! I am finally relaxing after a hectic summer.  Between summer reading and a slew of custom fascinator orders (more on those later–and by later, just so we are clear, I… Continue reading

I like forts.

Here’s hoping you do, too. New Pinterest board, hot off the presses.

Roller Derby Style — JDB Spring 2012

Here is my boutfit style highlight reel from this year so far. This picture best articulates what I feel when I am jamming while also showcasing my abstract art ensemble. Neat. Jamming is… Continue reading

Time Gypsy Style Manifesto

James is moving in with me (and my roommate John) at the end of the summer and I couldn’t be happier! My roommate Sara of Little Red Lily is embarking on a new… Continue reading

Summer Reading: Weeks 1 & 2

Rather than abandon you all for the next two months as I put together the teen summer reading program at the library (and the subsequent mind-numbing television required upon arriving home in order… Continue reading

Library Fashion

Oh hello there.  Delightful of you to join me as we take a peak at what I wore earlier this week forever ago (I know this because I attempted to post this in… Continue reading

Mini + Trees = Yes please!

While I normally abhor gratuitous posts just for the sake of posting things because the blogger in question has let life take center stage instead of letting the most important pastime ever  (i.e.,… Continue reading