Apparently I can rest now

Life has been so crazy in the last two weeks I haven’t even had the time to put up a simple Instagram Update to let everyone know I’m still alive!  Actually, that’s not… Continue reading

Two Truths and a Lie

I always loved playing this game when I was growing up, and now I’m going to play with you lot! No fair if you know me inside and out and you comment what… Continue reading

What’s in my Closet? Flapper Style

It’s that time again! This episode of What’s in my Closet? is brought to you by the awesome sewing capabilities of Sara over at Little Red Lily.  She is truly phenomenal at taking… Continue reading

Weekend Roundup

I had insane insomnia this weekend and actually managed to play catch-up with blog reading! It felt glorious and I didn’t even care that I was doing this at 5:30 AM after playing… Continue reading

Well, I’ll be…

This exists.  No really… someone in the 1940s took it upon themselves to nurse an orphaned squirrel into what can only be compared to Paris Hilton’s purse dog with fancy outfits and special… Continue reading

MNW: I’m Listless…

Tonight’s Monday Night Writes is inspired by this pin of a grocery list that probably took more time to draw out than it did to collect the items. My drawing skills are not… Continue reading

In which I post one of my fashion muse’s musings

I’ve been doing a lot of blog-related research these days and the number one thing I’ve heard is that the blogs that make it are those that use entirely original content.  This makes… Continue reading

Monday Night Writes

I was going to make a fancy schmancy header for this segment, but rather liked the vibe of the half mandala doodle peeking through from the other side so I made an ad-hoc… Continue reading

Spring! Exciting!

The weather was too amazing today to not wear a lovely spring outfit and frolic in the garden path behind the library.  Just as I was pondering how I would go about photographing… Continue reading

Instagram for Droid: One Week (or so) Later

Now that I’ve had Instagram for a week and some days I finally realize why iPhone users are beyond pissed that it became available for the Droid platform.  It is the Myspace for… Continue reading