What’s in my closet?

I’m very excited to do the first post in a new series.  In my time off I did some blog soul searching and came to find that while I would ultimately like to… Continue reading

March Madness

You might notice a few things are a little off around here.  For starters, this post is called March Madness and bracket season is quite done now that it is in fact April.… Continue reading

Yesterday I wore…

…my rollerskates outside! In February! Whatever this tomfoolery is, I ain’t mad at it.

Attitude for Gratitude

At the end of last week I received a delightful treat in the mail! I often participate in blog comment giveaways and never win so I all but gave up.  I’m glad I… Continue reading

I <3 NY

I haven’t used scrapblog in a while (mostly because each time I go back they make you pay for more and more things that used to be free ): but I figured if… Continue reading

Peek-a-boo Paisley

While James figures out which subway we should board, I figured I should post an outfit preview shot I took at the PATH station, while bored.

A Quickie

Here is just a splash of what has been making me happy this week! Emily of The Black Apple has a room in her house that looks like this: You could feed an… Continue reading

Serendipitous Strippers

In searching for vintage style I somehow ended up in the Land of Vintage Strippers on Youtube, which is a place similar to the Island of Misfit Toys in utter awesomeness, only made… Continue reading

And now, a photo essay

I didn’t mean to become a clothing-centric blog, but that’s just the way life has gone lately.  I’m hoping to carve out a chunk of time for crafting real soon (I know I’ve… Continue reading

And the winner is…

Thank you for all your feedback on my roller derby trading card dilemma friends! There was a strong divide between shots A and C, which was exactly where I was torn. Drats.  After talking… Continue reading