Help! I need somebody…

Last week I discussed the selection of my outfit for my roller derby trading card and said I would share it with you all once Hale Yeah finished taking the pictures and making… Continue reading

DIY Fort Party for Grownups

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve built a blanket fort.  Most of us stop building forts as we grow older and frankly that is just silly because some of my… Continue reading

Becky, among other things

My best friend from high school and I were a weird combination, in that she was weird and I’m pretty damn weird so when you got us together we were an onslaught of… Continue reading

A delightful weekend

Why hello there! After a weekend of awesomeness, I hesitate to fall back into the daily grind of everyday life.  I guess that’s when I do my best work, finding all the small… Continue reading

New Look(s)!

Two of my dearest friends also decided to start blogging this month.  My friend Liz is up and running Color Me Kitsch with amazing tutorials and sassy posts that are out of sight.… Continue reading

Here there be treasures…

Here are a few of the things we found in the attic last night. My favorite by far are the old game cards. We found all of them when I spied a double… Continue reading

This just in! My house instantly became 547 times more awesome

After a brief floor meeting about the weird skunk smell floating into our house, my roommate John’s curiousity got the better of him and he unscrewed the hatch covering the stairs to our… Continue reading

This is how I roll

I was born in 1985 which means one thing… on second thought, strike that because  it can mean several things.  It means that I was in elementary school when the Cold War ended… Continue reading

Hello (the remix)

I realized all I’ve done thus far is tell you about my name and about my plan to inspire awesomeness in my life.  That’s hardly a proper introduction.  I’m Kristi(e).  I’m a 26… Continue reading

Hello world!

My name is Kristi(e).  I picked up an optional letter in the 9th grade after a bizarre conversation about cardboard furbies and Jell-o at the lunch table. Lately it feels as if my… Continue reading